Oh Harry.

Oh Harry.

Chapter 11

The blistering sun came down on Harry as he relaxed against the sun bed. His glance turned to the girl who stood only metres away, talking to a Frenchman well it was more flirting. The tall, dark and handsome guy repeated touched Allyson with light brushes and soft caresses.

The boys and Allyson were on the sunny beaches of Monte Carlo. It was a very sudden decision, Bridget had informed them the next morning after their massages, of this trip for Allyson’s birthday. The boys all played along, pretending it was just a quick flight to Ireland but inverted ending up on the coast of Monaco. The pure shock and happiness was priceless. Harry couldn’t stop the smile on his face as Bridget told her over the phone.

So here they were, enjoying their time on a private beach. Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry all on the beach with Zayn, on his own mysterious trips that none of the boys bother to ask about.

“She looks so hot in that” Niall shook his head.

Liam nodded “I don’t think she knows the effect she has on men”

Louis shushed the boys as he called Loren’s number, the beautiful girl he met by chance only yesterday “Loren! Hey, it’s Louis. How are you doing babe?”

He stood up as the other boys watched, Harry softly laughing “He’s totally whipped”

“Like you’re not” Liam scoffed.

Harry turned away, looking back at Allyson and the foreign man as he held her hips to him. “I have no idea what you’re talking about”

“Do you lads want to hit the casino tonight?” Niall asked excitedly.

“Niall! You lost like ₤500 last time we went to the casino!” Liam exclaimed.

Harry laughed at Liam and his frustration, always like a father.

Harry felt a sigh of relief as the handsome man left the beach as Allyson stood waving goodbye to him. He took the opportunity and propping off the sun bed, heading towards her.

“Who’s that guy?” Harry asked as he tapped her back.

She laughed “I have no idea, I didn’t understand him at all but I think he invited me to a nude beach”

“I’m down for that” Harry shrugged, nudging her shoulder slightly.

She hugged her one piece clad body. “I’m not”

Harry took in her appearance for the hundredth time while they were on the beach. She wore a black swim suit that was backless with the top tied together with a deep V of ruffles. It accentuated her curves perfectly, Harry wanting to touch every inch of her.

“So Bridget probably told you some lie about why we’re here” Harry started.

Allyson curiously tilted her head. “Well I’m happy to be here but you guys wanted a beach holiday too right?”

“Well, it was unplanned but we’re enjoying it” Harry replied, a slow smile creeping on his face. “But it’s for your birthday”

“H-How did you know?” Allyson stuttered, a obvious face of confusion.

Harry placed a hand on her shoulder, the sun’s warmth deep in her skin. “I, well more like we all wanted for you to have a happy birthday”

“Was this your idea?” She bit her bottom lip that made Harry want to pull it away with his own mouth.

“Not nec-“

“You planned all of this?” She interrupted a broadening smile as she nibbled on her lip.

“It was-“

“Oh Harry, you’re so sweet. This is the best birthday ever!” She finally let the smile take over her face as she jumped into Harry’s arms. “I don’t know how you knew of my dream of coming to France or well at least being surrounded by French people but thank you”

Harry couldn’t deny himself and held her close, rubbing her bare back softly as her aroma of daisy and a light citrus scent surround him. “It’s alright, I- we wanted to make it special to you”

He smiled as he felt her nuzzling against his neck. Just to hold her like this made Harry remember moments like this from when they first fell in love all those years ago. Those intimate moments like this that was more than just sexual, more like a special connection that they had.

“It’s special, I’m fascinated by French culture” She pulled away and gave him a small smile.

I know, Harry wanted to say but decided on holding that to himself. He remembered the time when he gave her a mini Eiffel Tower key ring and the pure excitement on her face made his smile double.

“The boys and I are going to the casino tonight” Harry started with a shy grin on his face. “Come with me?”

She poked his chest lightly. “Are you asking me on a date?”

Harry nodded, noticing the blank expression on her face praying that he wouldn’t get rejected.

“Of course” She let a smile ease onto her face.

He felt relief through his body. “Whoever denies Harry Styles on a date?”

“You’d be surprised” Harry chuckled softly and smiled, she really didn’t know the effect she had on men.

She raised an eyebrow then quickly shrugging it off. “I’ll see you tonight, I wanna do some exploring”

“Do you want company?” He asked expectantly, not wanting their time together to end.

Allyson shook her head “I’m alright, besides we’re seeing each other tonight anyways”

Harry felt a pang of disappointment, wanting more time with her but feeling excitement build for this coming evening.

She gave his a chaste kiss on the cheek and said her goodbyes to the others as she got her large bag and trudged off the beach.

Harry sat back on the sunbed, popping down his sunglasses as the others conversed about an evening at the casino tonight.

“Guys, Harry has his ‘I’m going to get laid’ face on” Louis laughed as Harry’s grin was proud on his face.

Harry shook his head, although he couldn’t see his grin, it was not a ‘I’m going to get laid’ face. To Harry, it was a ‘I’m going to do everything to make her fall in love with me’ face. The others couldn’t see that because of Harry’s previous indiscretions.

“Yep, that’s definitely it” Niall laughed. “See it that much, we can recognize it on his face”

“I would never objectify women” Harry replied slyly.

Liam scoffed. “Says the 20+ girls we’ve seen come out of your room”

Harry shook his head, getting frustrated more at himself then the lads. He wanted to be a one woman kind of guy and he knew exactly who that person was.


Allyson walked the streets of Monaco with interest and desire, the historic buildings that lined the streets seemed to be from a painting, it was too picturesque to be real life. The details in the fixtures and structures, the immense detail in every component of the buildings were fascinating. The crashing waves of the beach not too far away, adding a calm serene feeling in her stroll through this vast artistic city.

She smiled as a chill breeze drifted in the air, happy to have slipped on shorts and a cardigan. Allyson walked into a busy market place, and smiled as the boats floated at the bay. It was a perfect day, the clouds were scarce with the sunlight beaming through. She scrolled through the markets, casually browsing through the various stalls. She found herself lost within the markets, emersed in all the french culture that laced within the bay side market. She found a quaint boutique that had a table with jewellery and gemstones, a rainbow of accessories before her.

“I made these myself” A young woman stood from behind the stall, her french accent oozing through her words.

Allyson smiled at the sunlight creeped through a small hole in the shade, giving the gemstones a sparkle that made them undeniable to purchase. She noted the intricate designs of the bracelets, some tangled with a single colour of gemstones and others with a variety of colours. “They’re beautiful”

An idea popped into her brain as her fingers lightly rubbed one of the multicoloured accessories “Can you make personal ones for me?”

“Of course, miss” Her eyes flickered with excitement. “Just tell me what qualities you want to give”

She grinned and thought of qualities that the boys could all use. With the new album and the possibility of a world tour, they all needed motivation, enthusiasm and a stronger friendship. It seems that through fame they all lost their friendship and didn’t connect like they use to, so a gem to feign a connection between them all. Niall needed a love in his life, Allyson desperately wanted him to feel the love that he deserves. Liam could do with some more cheerfulness, he seemed gray not the usual bubbly Liam that did twitcams for fans. Louis definitely needed more focus in his life, he seemed not to even care about what happened with the band at the moment. Harry, to be honest she couldn’t think of anything Harry needed, he seemed to have everything in check but it was undeniable that all she wanted for him was happiness. Zayn, to her seemed the most troubled, his anti-social behaviour with everyone even the boys worried her, she wanted him to have a more positive outlook on life and a new beginning. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Allyson tucked the small bag of handwoven bracelets into her bag with a smile. It wasn’t what they had given her over the past couple of days but it was a thank you all the same.

She continued to stroll through the market place, as she held an apple in her hand a ball bounced against her ankle.

A small boy with stood in the path of the markets with wide eyes as he eyed the ball bound at her feet. She picked up the ball and cross to the other side, passing the ball to the young boy. His sandy hair shaking about as he gave quick french thanks then ran away in haste. He disappeared within seconds as she watched him run along the pier, a hand at her eyebrows covering the sun.


Allyson’s belongings tumbled out of her hands as something or in this case someone knocked her. She quickly shuffled everything into her bag, another pair of hands helping her with her things. A familiar tattoo on the man’s right forearm and wrist, pushing her back into reality, Allyson paused as she looked up at the dark haired stranger.


A pair of intimate eyes flared with recognition, her face blushing as he slowly stood up with her bag. “Sorry about knocking you over”

“It’s okay, what are you doing here?” Allyson smiled, looking down at her sandals. Ever since Louis found them by the pool yesterday, she felt awkward and nervous around him. Just standing in his proximity made her anxious and giddy at the same time. Gosh, as if she didn’t already seem like a fan girl, she had to act like this.

Zayn shrugged with a slight sniffness if his voice “I needed some stuff”

“Would you like to join me to watch the sunset?” She blurted out as Zayn put his sunglasses and hat back on, covering his face to any bystanders. It was cheesy but she wanted someone to watch the change to night from day.

Zayn adjusted his cap, tilting it down to place a shadow on his face, stubble prickling at his jaw and chin. Allyson fingers inched to feel the little hairs along her finger tips.

“I can’t actually” Zayn’s eyes shifting around at the thinning crowd in the markets. “I need to do some things”

Rejection, an old friend had to rear his way back into Allyson’s life. The constriction on her heart, hugging her organ like a snake would hold it’s prey. “Oh right”

“It’s not that I don’t want to… “Zayn noted the droop in her shoulders, a hand reach out to touch her shoulder.

“It’s cool, I get it” Allyson took a step away, her hands before her stopping him in his spot. “I’ve got stuff to do too”

“Al,” He said with a heavy breathe. Her lips twitched slightly at the nickname but walked away before he could stop her. She gave a wave to him then walked back to the beach to watch the sunset alone.

The sun’s fleeting shape disappearing into the horizon the sky mixing with the orange and darkening blue to create a wispy purple sky that put a smile on Allyson’s face. To think, she wanted to spend a romantic moment like this with a famous celebrity like Zayn Malik, it should be with someone she loved and cared about. Maybe he was here in Monaco? Only time will tell.

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